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Zante Zakynthos Greece

Zante is the southernmost and third largest in both size and population of the Ionian Islands. It is situated 8,5 nautical miles south of Kefalonia, 9,5 nautical milew west of the Peloponese and approximately 300 kilometres west of the capital of Greece, Athens.

zante navagioIts geographical position ensures easy travel to the other islands and even the mainland of Greece. A short journey across the Peloponese brings one to the ancient city of Olympia, the birthplace and original venue of the Olympic Games.
Due to the islands location, it is an ideal base to link up to the larger cities of Greece such as Patras, Athens and Thesaloniki.

An island full of contrasts, Zante consists of mainly woodland, with an abundance of pine tree covered mountains and fertile plains.

In the north, east and south numerous picturesque beaches can be found, whereas in the west the imposing, rocky landscape has a number of sea caves such as the famous Blue Caves on the north-west of the island.

The climate in Zante is mild mediterranean with both heavy rainfall during the winter monthw and brilliant sunshine in the summer.
The rich vegetation is probably due to this, and has resulted in the nicknames of Fior di Levante (Flower of the East) and Iliessa (full of woods) by the Venetians and Omiros respectively.
It is productive island agriculturally, supported mainly by the cultivation of olives, raisins, citrus fruits. Apart from this, the main source of local income is from the recently developed business of tourism.

The island has a wealth of history as for many centuries it was the crossroads for numerous nations and cultures.

Zakynthos Smugglers Cove Zakynthos Blue Caves
zakynthos smugglers cove navagio shipwreck zanteThe Shipwreck is the most famous of Zante beaches and one of the most famous photographs of Greece.
It is situated at the eastern part of the island. The beach took it name from the ship that, in 1983, transported illegally cigarettes and washed up on the beach that has, by the years, grown up around it. The ruins of the ship are on the middle of a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal waters. The beach is surrounded by vertical rock cliffs and that makes an impressive picture.
zakynthos blue caves zanteOn the northern part of the island is Cape Schinari, and to the east of the cape are the Blue Caves in the region of White rock, a series of geological formations that have created a unique seascape. Apart from the natural arches that have been carved out by erosion, these caves are famous for the colour of the water in its deepest hollows, a deep azure colour which is most striking in the morning when the light is at its brightest. The biggest of the caves is the Kianoun cave.
Zakynthos Caretta Caretta Zakynthos Marathonisi isle
zakynthos caretta zanteThe loggerhead sea turtle called Caretta-Caretta has become an endangered specie that can only be found in the Mediterranean Sea. The turtles have leaded a peaceful existence in the waters and beaches of Zante.
A series of measures have been adopted by the Greek legislation in order to protect the Caretta-Caretta and the National Marine Park of Zante has been established.
zakynthos marathonisi zanteIt is a small desert islet with rich vegetation situated in front of the coast of Limni Keriou.

The islet has a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal waters which unfolds in sea. The islet is part of the National Marine Park.
Zante Scuba Diving Zante Kampi Sunset
zakynthos diving zanteDiscover the fascinating under water world of Zante. The perfect opportunity to take a trial dive for beginners for an experience of lifetime. Well trained and qualified instructors will guide you all the way. zakynthos sunset diving zanteYour change to be wined, dined and entertained in true Greek style. The cliff top village of Kampi is known to be the best place on the island to see the sun setting over the Ionian. Achange to visit the loval winery.
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